After last update, Keep Properties in UnrollSrf is spoiled


I use Rhino, among others, for developing shell plates (marine industry), utilizing UnrollSrf and Squish commands.

To my astonishment, after last update (service release) to R5, UnrollSrf command has lost its "Keep Properties" feature.

On curved surface I make a lot of traces, naming them (in Properties window). So far, after unrolling a surface with named lines on it, and with "Keep Properties = Yes", the unrolled output maintained layers and names of lines.

Now, not only all lines on unrolled surface are on current layer (instead of "input" layer), but their names are lost!

Please, insistently, restore previous behaviour of "Keep Properties" in UnrollSrf command. Lack of it is spoiling my work!

Thank you in advance,


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This is the latest Service Release that I have and the 'Keep Properties' option is still there. 

The option IS there, but it DOES NOT WORK as it should

I'm finding that the input layers remain but the line names are lost.  Hopefully someone from Mcneel will know what is happening.

For me, both layers and names are lost; surface keeps input layer, lines go to current layer.

On closer inspection, same for me.  Here's a Python script that might be helpful for some surfaces.  It will keep the name and layer of the surface as well as the name and layer of any curve on the surface.  It's not sophisticated so there will be cases where it won't work.  I'm not sure about how to put a Python script on a button but that would probably be the way to use it.

Here's how to make a button and/or an alias courtesy of Mitch Heynick from the Python Forum.

Yes. Two methods work here:

1) Embed your script in a toolbar button : this is easy and relatively portable
Create a new button and shift+click on it to open the editor.

! _-RunPythonScript (
>>>paste your entire script in herebr/> )

Then just run the script from the toolbar button as you would any other command

2) Create a keyboard alias for the script:

a) Store your script in some specific folder, i.e.
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinocero s\5.0\PythonScripts

b) In Rhino Options>Aliases, create a new alias like "DoThis" and in the right hand box enter the following:
! _-RunPythonScript "FilePath\ScriptFileName" (the quotes are important if you have spaces)
(In this case the whole thing would be "C:\Users\Username\.......\PythonScripts\DoThi s")

c) Now, when you type the alias, the script will run. Beware, the first time you do this in a Rhino session, the Python interpreter has to initialize, it takes a couple of seconds.

HTH, --Mitch


Thanks for script. Still I hope that the new behaviour of UnrollSrf is simply a mistake and will be corrected to work normally as usual

Hi Jacek- This works as expected here in our latest builds (which will be Sr2) and in SR0. I will test SR1 as well to be sure I see the same thing as you, but it looks to me like it has been fixed for the next SR.



Today's update 5.2.30305.09115 has it fixed. Thank you.



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