My anaylze commands were working fine until a week ago.

Now, when I try to measure a distance, the command line asks for a first and second

point, as usual, but then no value is returned. Same with the other analyze

commands- they seem to be working, but then don't give me a length/diameter/radius.

I have rhino 5, installed months ago, no problems until now- I don't think that I made any

changes likely to mess things up, but it's possible. Is there a reset, do I need to  

re-install, or am I just missing something easy?

Thanks for your help.

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I should have mentioned that everything else is working normally.

Hi Karl- see if stretching the command area downward by a line or two shows the output better. Sometimes there is a blank line printed and if you have a very small command area (one or two lines), it will look like there is no result.




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