Most of my projects are generally symmetrical (boats) so I do a lot of splitting and mirroring.

I find the mirror x command really helpful...

Wondering if there's any way to in a keystroke do the same thing for split. Currently I use a line drawn under the model to use for cplane splitting. It works okay but is sometimes a few extra steps to select it for the split depending whats happening with viewports.

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Or trim I guess.

There's not a native command I know of but I recall the Pascal put some symmetry related scripting tools together that added tools like you described. I think he has an archive of tools posted somewhere. Maybe he'll chime in or one of the other users that is familiar with his cache of goodied.


Found intersect plane here

Looks like it should do what I'm looking for but getting a VBScript runtime error Variable is undefined: CheckValidArray line 122 char 4


Hi Ryan- I'll see if I can figure out what I broke in that script and post a new one- hang on a bit...


Hi Ryan- I found the bug and replaced the script my wiki page - please download the newer one and see if that behaves any better- thanks for finding this.


Amazing. Thanks Pascal.

Hi Ryan,

RhinoParametrics provides this functionality and, it being parametric, the section is recomputed if you move the plane.  I use this a lot in all design work, because I then attach other objects to the section(s) on the surface(s) and apply Orca3D Weight properties to the "finished" item (a deck, or a bulkhead, a volume, etc.).  Although some do, I do not associate / parametrize everything, but rather only the primary and secondary level objects composing the design plus whichever other ones are truly related, to obtain an automatically updating and reliable weight and CG for hydrostatics, VPP, etc, and coherent model.  The Orca report is very helpful in this, since you can cross-check it against the comprehensive wieght item list that one generally handles in Excel.

In case you care to look into the Orca3D and RhinoParametrics plug-ins:

Hi Ryan,

    You might take a look at PetersTools. I think he has something like this.




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