I am currently collaborating with two others on a small project.  I addition to a lot of 3D modeling, we are also producing 2D drawings (plans, elevations, sections, details) for permitting, shop drawings, etc..  

So that we can all work simultaneously, we have created a file for each drawing type (one file for the flooplan, one for elevations, one for sections, and so on).  We have been linking between these files (for example, the floorplan is linked into the electrical plan file).  We have also created one master plot file, which is the collection of all the layout sheets.

We have been linking files as blocks, which works great, but has one big limitation.  I love Rhino, and would just as soon never open AutoCAD again, but linking files together in AutoCAD (using Xrefs) does seem to be a bit more powerful.  Specifically, when you create an Xref, you can also define a clipping boundary to limit what parts of the reference file are visible.  This functionality would be particularly useful for us since we typically work through iterations, meaning that (for example) our elevations file could include 5 different elevations of the same wall where only one iteration is current.  The ability to crop that referenced file to just show the most current iteration would be a great addition to Rhino.

If this functionality already exists in Rhino, or if there is another way to facilitate simultanous collaboration, please let me know!



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Hi Jason- you may want to check out Worksession and the related command LimitReferenceModel. The latter allows you to purge all but a user defined sphere shaped space to clear memory and unclutter the view. See Help on Worksession for more details on how this thing works. To unlimit or restore a worksession, you need to reload the rws, or worksession file. The next v5 beta will have a 'reset' option in LimitReferenceModel to make this process a little more straightforward.



Thanks for your reply.  LimitReferenceModel sounds like a very useful command.  Are there any intentions to develop an option to define geometries other than spheres?

I/we have also used the Worksession command and have been saving .rws files to quickly restore sessions.  I do have one suggestion: would it be possible for the .rws file to store relative file paths (which I guess would have to the relative to the .rws file) instead of absolute paths?

I ask because my team and I are currently collaborating using Dropbox, so the absolute paths to each of our files is not the same between our computers.  I imagine such a feature would also be useful if you ever moved a folder (presuming that under many, or perhaps most, circumstances all the files belonging to a saved worksession would be within the same parent folder).





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