Good evening,

I am confronted with a rather unsettling problem.

I am working on windows 8 and would like to try out the windows version after discovering the beta version of Rhino OSX.

So I download the program, open it and, to my surprise, when i click on the tools, they react in the command line but have absolutely no effect on the layout.

The rotate view tool doesn't rotate anything, the polyline doesn't draw itself even though everything seems to be working normally in the command line.

I have already reinstalled the trial version, without much success, even putted it windows 7 compatibility mode. Same results.

I have no idea if the problem comes from my computer (a Toshiba Satellite I bought a week ago, powerful enough to make rinho run)  or from some kind of settings in the program.

I will be immensely grateful if someone could give me a clue about how to solve this problem!

Thanks a lot, I hope to hear from one of you soon!

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There could be a 3D video problem. Try Tools/Options/Rhino Options/View/OpenGL, and flip the state of "Use accelerated hardware modes". If that doesn't help, try changing the "Appearance Settings". If that also doesn't help, and you are using a monitor in analog mode (e.g., VGA), try using your monitor's auto-adjust feature: some monitors will drift over minutes or hours, sometimes making certain colors impossible to distinguish from others.

Thanks a lot, that was the problem!

Now i have to find the driver Which is not small work!

What video card do you have?  First thing I would try to do is just download and install the latest drivers for your card.


nvidia GT 650M.

It should be easy but i am actually going through quite a hard time to find it.

Even the Nvidia website doesn't detect it so i am now trying to find a free software which ill be efficient enough to find it without being too long.

It looks like Mr Toshiba hasn't updated ANY of his hardware before selling this computer!


I just bought my toshiba satellite a week back and im facing the exact same issue :/ . The graphic card is suppose to handle the software. I work with the 'use accelerated mode' turned off. Does anyone know a solution for this?

I did return the machine.

A new computer shouldn't have so many problems when it has just been pulled out of the box!

If it is since a week you should have the right to return it.

There are several countries where you have up until two weeks to change your mind



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