Hi guys,

So happy to have found this page!!

I just started using rhino a few weeks ago and now I´ve come to the point where I don´t know how to move on... I hope, some of you can help me!

I already generated the shape of my building and added some floors and ramps. Now I want to generate the shell structure of the building, a net in reinforced concrete.Above this structure, I want to produce another tighter net that is parallel to the construction. On this net there are little sequins stringed.


To sum it up, I have to generate 3 layers that depend on each other.
Unfortunately, I haven´t got a clue what to do. I already tried it with grasshopper, but without success.
Can anyone of you tell me how to proceed or which program to use? Do you know any tutorials that deal with a similar problem?

I would be very very very thankful to hear from you.


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Hi Marina- please take a look at PanelingTools ( http://v5.rhino3d.com/page/panelingtools-downloads ) possibly in conjunction with Grasshopper.





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