I have a particular issue that has been recently introduce into Rhino 5. When you zoom into a model there is a certain point where the camera behaves badly. It sudden does this rapid reversal of direction during the zoom. I assume the problem is coming from the zoom level entering the negative range or something similar.

At first I thought it was a 3DConnexion mouse problem but i can replicated it with my mouse wheel.

1. Start a good distance from the model.

2. Use the mouse wheel and keep zooming into the furthest point away from your camera as rapidly as you can.

3. The screen flicker is the rapid reversal of direction of where the camera is pointed.

4. You are left with what ever position the camera (remember it is rapidly reversing direction) was at when you quit the zoom action. Usually this is nowhere where you thought you were.

I do have a great deal of travel in my mouse wheel and the 3D mouse of course allows you to continue to zoom indefinitely which is the core of the problem in my opinion.



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Hi John- does it help, or change anything, to uncheck the setting for 'AutoAdjust camera after pan and zoom' in Options > View page?

Also, if possible, please send me a file with some instructions on how to repeat the problem- if the problem is repeatable without the 3dConnexion device attached, that will likely make it easier to track down...




Sadly, no. The adjust switch doesn't seem to resolve the problem.

When I switch to Camera Mode (I was in Object Mode) the problem goes away though giving more evidence that its the zoom value going negative specifically.


Hi John- so I take then that this is mostly a 3dConnexion problem (ObjectMode/CameraMode is a 3dConnexion setting, not Rhino) is that correct? 



Ooh, no. I can get the same issue with my mouse wheel. Its harder to do with the mouse but it occurs when you do long zoom ins (aka from way out) without pausing.

I will drop a note to Logitech as well just to cover all the possibilities. Thanks for your help!



I've got exactly the same problem since around one week, also with my 3d connexion space mouse.

I've update my driver but it's the same..


I suspect that Pascal may be right about the drivers. Please go fill out a bug report over at 3Dconnexion.com so they will see it is more than just me having problems. The sooner we can get this resolved the better!



I just got this response from 3Dconnexion;

Hello John,

The addin for Rhino is provided by McNeel for our devices.
Ill send your request to our programmers so they can contact Mcneel
We have a close relationship to the development team at Roberts and McNeel and
therefore a possibility to actively influence the development.


Fred O.

Technical Support Help Desk
3Dconnexion, Inc.

Support for both products is on the case but if we whine and kick the backs of the seats and ask repeatedly, "Are We There Yet?" then maybe they will get it done faster ;-)

The 3D mouse is something that started out as a "nice to have" but in the two months that I've been using it it has reached the "can't live without it" level. I'm truly sitting hear trying to figure out how I can work today without the thing being fully functional. I have never had a product become so "required" in such a short amount of time as the 3Dconnexion mouse. Now I wish I had saved up for the Pro one!


well i'm not sure about the fact that the trouble comes from the 3d connexion driver because it does'nt update automatically in my case and it was working correctly during more thatn 2 years...

maybe the last rhino 5 SR...

Both McNeal and 3Dconnexion updated in the past two weeks and I keep my software current as per my contract's security clause (requirement is not older than 30 days of release). I don't know which one is at fault and really it doesn't matter. They both need to look into why and resolve the issue.

See my note above from 3Dconnexion...


Hey guys,

  I'm having exactly the same problem (64 bit Rhino 5, 64 bit Windows 7, Spacemouse Pro). The view starts flickering and the camera does a 180 degree turn when you try to zoom past the focal point. Incredibly frustrating when working. I can mark the day it started playing up on my system as the update to Rhino 5 SR2. Before that all was well. I tried updating and reinstalling the spacemouse driver but this made no difference.

 As Steven pointed out, the drivers from 3D Connexion don't update automatically, and the problem only appeared with the latest Rhino 5 release. Has any progress been made with this?



There is a release of Rhino on the 24th and I have yet to test to see if they got the fix in that version. The guys at 3Dconnexion have an excellent example of the problem so I know they passed it on to the folk at McNeel to help resolve.

Can't live without my 3D mouse!

As of Version 5 SR3 (5.3.30424.5565, 4/24/2013)

This problem appears to be fixed! Yea!



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