for my transport-process-engineering i need to know where is the center of gravity of some volumes is. Is it possible to calculate the specific material weights? For example a wooden beam with many big steel-parts. 

What is the order "VolumeCentroid" for? It calculates the middle-point of the volume? If there is only one material its the center of gravity, too?

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Hi Christopher,

Our plug-in for marine design, Orca3D, includes the ability to create a library of materials with a weight density property (actual weight for a point object, weight per unit length for a curve, weight per unit area for a surface, and weight per unit volume for a solid). Then any objects in the model can be assiged a material property, and the total weight and CG of the model can be computed and reported.


You can read more about it and download an evaluation version at www.orca3d.com. We don't currently sell that module of Orca3D individually, but if it looks like it will fit your needs we can figure something out so that you don't have to purchase the marine-specific functions that you don't need.

I also recommend you consider Orca3D which, by the way, also allows you to name objects and to manage them explicitely within the Orca3D Tree layer dialog



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