I'm getting a consistent crash when I select text objects that are written using Chinese fonts and changing the font to one of the default Chinese fonts in Windows 7. When I open the file in Rhino 5 all of the Chinese text is displayed as squares with no font assigned to it. When I select a proper Chinese font, Rhino crashes with no crash report or file. 

Attached is a small section of the original file. Can anyone else confirm the crash? Select the text and try changing it via the Object Properties Text area to SimSun (Windows 7 default Chinese font) or any other Chinese font. Rhino will stop responding, spinning wheel appears, and then the screen fades to white. Only way to get out via the Task Manager's End Process.


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The file is working on my Win7 Pro, Rhino v5 2012-09-27 build, 64bit.

Region setting is Chinese (Simplified, PRC) as you can see on the screenshot.

May work for you too.


Hi Andrew
I'm a little late but works fine, You should try making the selection with the tab Properties CLOSED and type this macro:

!_-Properties _Pause _Text _Font

select objects for property editing (Visible=No):
...select all the text objects and Enter (take few seconds)

Font name <Arial> :
...(and type the font that you want, enter and smile)

I baked this single letters from grasshopper, at first displayed as squares (10 000 characters)





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