Does anyone know of a plug-in or tool that will compare Rhino models and highlight the differences?  

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copy/paste one into the other then highlight duplicate objects via SelDup (or SelDupAll)

(the nonselected items will be the differences)

dunno.. just thinking out loud.. probably won't always do what you're seeking 

Thanks.  That is a start and does get me closer.

Rhinomold from TDM Solutions can do this.


I wrote a RhinoScript that will compare files and copy the different surfaces to a new layer. It works well, however, it's painfully slow on large files (a file with 14,000 surfaces will take 3 hours to calculate). If I can speed this up I will share it.


That would be sweet.  

Also thanks for the link, I checked out the RhinoMold website yesterday.  Sad that it's wrapped up into RhinoMold as I don't need the other stuff.



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