I have a display issue with Rhino. Within multiple models curves become invisible in front of certain solids. Despite being in front they are not visible and become visible when selected. See images.

The command BringToFront makes the curves visible in front of everything, but I want the curves only to be visible where they are actually outside the solids. New drawn curves on top of the invisible curves are visible.

Is there a setting I need to adjust or anything I can do to make the curves visible without having to select them?

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This usually happens when the viewport frustum is crushed nearly flat. The most common cause is for the model to cover a large area and you be zoomed in to a very small part of the over all model.

If you use the Camera command in the Perspective viewport and use the Show option, the perspective view frustum will show in the other three viewports. Normally it should be shaped like a pyramid. I suspect your is nearly flat.

My comments are based only on your image and making a lot of guesses. I would need the 3dm file to know for sure.

John Brock - Rhinoceros Tech Support
Seattle - USA

Thanks John, but the viewport frustum is still shaped like a pyramid.

I can't send the file, because it contains confidential information. But it recently also happened on another file (on a different computer). Both computers are iMacs running Rhino in Windows under Bootcamp.

Then I'm stumped. Without the file there's nothing further I can do.


Might this be a graphics card driver problem?  What is the video card in the iMac?  Have you got the latest drivers?


I suppose it could be.

A good test would be to go into Tools - Options - View - OpenGL, and remove the first check mark for using accelerated hardware modes.

If turning off AH "fixes it, then checking for a Bootcamp driver update is a good idea:


The video card is a AMD RADEON HD6970M.

Removing the check mark didn't solve the problem. But I'm going to update the bootcamp drivers just to be sure.

Good call. It's also possible there is a bug in rhino. That's why getting a repeatable example is so important.

I've updated the bootcamp drivers, but it didn't solve the problem. I've tried to rebuild the error in a new file I could upload, but so far no luck.

I can point out some similarities between the two files that give the error. All solids in front of which the curves become invisible are polysurfaces which have undergone boolean operations (mostly difference).

All curves are copied from different files and have approximately 1000+ curves.

Hope this helps to find a possible bug.

Hi Kevin,

I'm not able to reproduce this either. If you can make a simple example that shows this same issue on your computer, we could determine if this is hardware/setting related or a bug. My only other thoughts right now is to find out whether this happens in all display modes and also if it happens with all curves or just these which you mentioned were copied from somewhere else. Use the Display Panel to access the main settings for the mode and if the name is in blue in Options it has been changed from the defaults in some way. Try clicking 'restore to defaults' if this is the case as a test to see if this is due to a display setting change. Also please try some other native drawn curves in an array to see if this is related to these specific curves for some reason. 

Restoring the display to default didn't solve it either. As far as I know it happens in both the shaded and ghosted display modes. When I enabled curves in rendered display mode, the curves were properly shown.

I was able to create two examples, by copying the curves and solids that had issues to a new file.

- example_1.3dm contains the curves from the earlier screenshots and I created a new solid in the same position as the old one. Some curves are not visible in front of the solid.

- example_2.3dm contains curves and solids from another file with the same issues. The curves are visible through the solid.

In both files the current camera position, is the position in which the errors are shown on my computer.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the sample files. I figured it out, it has to do with a feature in the display mode settings called 'advanced GPU lighting' which is located in the lighting section on the main Options page for each mode. Please try turning this on for the two modes that show the issue and let me know if it fixes it for you. 

I'll file this as a bug regardless to see if it is something that we can account for without using this feature. 

Thanks for your patience in providing more information... it really helps make Rhino better!

Thanks Brian (and both John and Helvetosaur), turning on 'advanced GPU lighting' fixes the issue!



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