Hi, is it possible to change the default file type in Rhino 5 save dialog?

e.g. change to rhino 4 as default

Is it possible to change the default export file type?

e.g. change deafult export to *.iges or *.dwg,...


@mcneel: can you make it possible?


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Hi Johannes- currently this is not possible for Save. You can make macros however that can help:

! _-Save _Version=4 _Browse

! _-Save _Version=4 _Enter

As far as I can see -Export is harder/impossible with plain Rhino and no scripting  because there is currently no provision to set the file type ahead of the Browse. 



Hi Pascal, we will see if we really need to save files in Rhino 4. We can do the export via scripting. Thats a good idea.







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