To delete duplicate entities, curve, shape, etc.; use Seldup and delete previous selection set.

But, do we have a command does the same or even better?

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What would 'better' be?

Seldup works well for exact duplicates but not allow a bit tolerance. See attached example, partial curves overlapping some other partial curves get Seldup lost.


Here's a Rhinoscript that will remove the examples you've given.  I've called it a 'sub curve on a curve' but I don't know if that's the correct way to reference it.  Drop the .rvb file on an open Rhino window to test.  If it's useful you can assign it to a button or give it a command alias.


Cool, very nice. I guess in the script line 25 ‘j’ ought to be ‘i’ or we have to declare ‘j’.

Can you make this script even powerful for the overlapping curves on the left(in above attached file - untitled.3dm)? This is a real problem when I imported a  dgn file into Rhino and struggled to clean up overlapping curves before constructing surfaces.


Yes, change that 'j' to an 'i'.  I must have forgotten to save the corrected file a last time before posting it.  It works correctly for me on all of the curves you've presented in your file.  What are you seeing that it isn't working on?

Edit: Hang on a second...there is a problem.

Try this one.  Let me know if you see any problems.


I am not say 100% perfect but close enough... Thanks!

How is it lacking? Can you provide a file where it fails?

please see attached file, below is what I got...


Let me know if anything else fails.


great one! it works for most cases except the attached one:


This one leaves you with joined curves.  If you want them segmented then just explode them in Rhino.  Exploding may add a few extra segments but they won't be overlapped.  I don't know if having the curves remain as segments is an important part of your work flow.




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