Imagine you have a complex structure, like a yacht's one. You built the structure in 3D and you want to create a layout to print out the transversal frames.

You want to print each frame in a separate detail; you'll have several details in the same layout (A0), probably two, three rows.

Each transversal section is obtained creating 2 facing clipping planes, selecting one small slice of the full 3D model.

The problem is to align each detail (section) that should be placed in the layout.

The sections drawing should be printed having the sections aligned both vertically on the symmetry ax and horizontally on the base line.

We tried something but without results.



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So you're saying that if you have three rows of details with say four details in each row (12 details total) you want the baseline to match between details in the same row and the vertical symmetry centerlines to match in the same column.


Have you tried using Set Camera>Place Target?  If you use the intersection of the vertical midline and the baseline for the target point every detail should line up correctly as long as your detail windows are the same size and in alignment.  This could be a macro or it might even be scriptable depending on your workflow.

Thanks Chris,

My plugin has some tools that might help. For instance, you can make everything the same scale in all of your visible details. So, if you zoom to your objects and then make them the same scale, they should line up to your requirements. I think.

Hi Peter,

no, your plugin doesn't help us very much. We need something more. The details should, in some way, bind together: a common absolute zero reference should be recognized in them and the alignment then possible.

Unfortunately I have in mind what Solid Edge does for placing views, sections in a general layout.

All the views and sections, unless you want to remove the link between them, are linked together and automatically aligned.

I think this is the goal you should obtain, especially for the mech drawings.


I agree - I would love it to do that, but I'm a script hack! I previously used Solidworks a lot, and it similarly kept things lined up nicely.


Am I missing something here, but can't you use the move tool and projection snaps to align details?



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