I'm not sure i'm doing this correctly.  I'm using the SetObjectDisplayMode with the intention to show an image file on a surface.

I simply want the image to appear on the surface when I'm in rendered display mode but I'm not having any luck. Is it possible to do this?

My rendering program is Flamingo NXT.   

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Hi Billy- See help on materials- Rhino help, not Flamingo. See the part about adding textures to the color channel, and also Decals (which are object properties and not part of the material really). These will show in the rendered display mode.



Excellent.  Thank you!

So I was able to apply a decal, but I still cannot get it to appear in my view port.  I'm in pen display mode, and for the surface I applied the decal, I used SetObjectDisplayMode and selected Rendered.

My view flashed for a second showing the decal, then goes away, leaving me with the view I have now.  

Hmm- yeah, I see - it looks like decals are not working with SetObjectDisplay mode. If the situation is as simple as in your example, a material will work, with the image texture in the color channel and with planar mapping on the surface...

any luck?



Did I find a bug?  If so this is very exciting - it will be my first bug to ever find.  Your work-around is confirmed.  Works great.  

Hi Billy- not sure if it qualifies as a bug or a 'limitation', but it seems like it ought to work, in an ideal world, and I am putting it on the bug list so the developer can have a look , so lets call it a bug for now- award yourself a cheese statue! Thanks! Carry on.





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