Hi Guys @ Mc Neel

Iam mostly a happy person working with Rhino5 but..........

As i understand lots of people have issues with dissapearing toolbars and dissapearing custom buttons.

Mostly happens when opening "a" file from someone else but it also happens when i open up a file from the day before.

plz fix

regards John

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So the toolbars are there and you open a file from inside Rhino and they disappear?  Or is it that you are opening a new instance of Rhino by double clicking on the file and they are gone in there?  Do you have any other Rhinos running when this happens (i.e. you have toolbars in one but not in the other)? 

When this happens, can you go into Tools>Toolbar layout and check if the .rui file is open and just all the toolbars are closed, or on the other hand the .rui file failed to load...?



mm it happens random, sometimes just when i open up a file on startup like a file from the day before and then all toolbars are gone.

Yesterday this happened and even resetting default in tools>toolbar had no effect. In this case i also my saved toolbar whas gone and couldnt select it.

after restarting Rhino the toolbars came up again but whitout my self made buttons.

In other cases it happens when i open a file from someone else for instance a DWG or a Rhino 4 file.

In most cases i have to reload the saved toolbar (wich i saved under my own name as toolbar john)

And then Rhino places my toolbarstuff alongside the default stuff so in that case i have plenty buttons to work with,,haha  see screenshot

its just annoying and it takes a little time to set it up again, but it sometimes happens when i am with a client and than its more than annoying

But Dont worry this post is more a note for the wonderfull rhino guys busy programming.

regards John


So you say that you are using "toolbar john" and at some point your toolbars are gone and you look in Tools>Toolbar Layout and "toolbar john" is not loaded anymore?  Is there anything loaded?  default.rui?  When you say that reloading your "toolbar john" loads them next to the others, that means that there is a default.rui already loaded...


yes reload after i installed the default or did a restart of rhino wich gives sometimes the default toolbars, when i put in my own toolbar its always quite elaborate loding file deleting the default, should not be like that, but anyways its working most of the times normal just once (OR 4X) a month the programs gets the hickups with the toolbars.

and just for the record  when my toolbars dissapear i cant see them anymore in the tools toolbar section and restoring to default almost never gives a result. just restarting the program and loading my own toolbar are the steps for me.

a bit funny but oke, i hear from others that this is a common problem a lot of guys safe a rui file on the desktop to load easy

regards John



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