I am using Matrix 6 and when I use the Edge Softening tool, the display in the viewport shows the model with softened edges, but when I render, the edges don't show that.  I recently upgraded computers from a Windows 7 model to a Windows 8 one.  The new computer has a 2gb Nvidia GT635 graphics card and plenty of RAM.  

Can anybody help me out?  Below are the images.  One that shows the edge softening in Matrix, and the other one taken after the render that doesn't depict the edge softening. Is this a hardware issue, or a software/graphics card setting that can be easily changed?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hi Tony- I think Matrix is using VRay to render, and currently VRay does not see some the Rhino rendering effects. What you can try is ExtractRenderMesh to get the softened mesh object and render that, hiding the original objects.



Hi Pascal.  I had this running perfectly on a Windows 7 machine.  The edge softening was displaying properly in the rendered image.  Only when I changed over to a Windows 8 machine did it not work.  The software was exactly the same, just a change in laptops.  Could the different hardware, like my graphics card be doing this, or do think this is all software related?

Hi Tony-hmm- that is odd- you're certain the same renderer was running in both cases? 




Yes, Pascal.  I also downloaded the Vray for Rhino 1.5 demo just to see if that would make a difference.  As you know, the 1.5 install completely erases the prior version so I had high hopes that it would work.  Unfortunately, it did not.  I got the same result.  I'm really baffled by what's going on with these renders.

Do you happen to have any thoughts or recommendations?  I'm at a loss...



It worked!  I tried what you said, by ExtractRenderMesh, then hid the original.  That did it.  Don't know why but I didn't have to do that on my Windows 7 machine.  Oh well, it worked so thank you so much...




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