I have a question regarding a script or scripts that I found recently.

The tool is called "Render tools" put together by Micha. And within the tool bar, there is a button that saves views in a queue and another one to render all the views saved in the queue.

My issue is that for some reason, all the views are saved in Parallel perspective instead of the current viewport properties that I was using at the moment when I saved the views. 

I do not know much about scripting... I wish I could read and understand it.. 

Could you please help me with this issue? I am uploading the Render tools toolbar in a zip. 

Thank you! 

running on Rhino 5 64 bits

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I replied to this question on the RhinoScript forum.

 -- Dale

Hello, Dale!

Thank you for your help. 

I however cannot see your answer on the Rhinoscript forum.

Could you direct me to your answer?

Thank you again!



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