Is there a way when a 3dm file is opened in Rhinoi

to export this to a stl file with the filename taken over from

the 3dm file.

Something like 

-_Export "C:\DIR\<Filename>.stl" _p _enter 90 _enter _enter _enter


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I also would like to learn how to get the filename from the 3dm.


You will need a script to do this, as macros do not have access to the current filename and directory.  Attached are two scripts, one that will use your most recent stl export settings and the other which will use a set of pre-programmed detailed settings (which you can modify in the script).  In both cases the script will ask you for a filename if the current 3dm file hasn't been saved yet.

One way to use the detailed settings script is to make a set of toolbar buttons with different settings for different situations.

To make toolbar buttons, shift+right click on a button to open the editor, and in the box type:

! _NoEcho _-Runscript (

<paste your entire script in here>




This is great !
Thank you very much !

Thanks very much works great



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