When i export a simple cylinder (middle) to 3DS i get this effect in 3dsmax (right). when i import the 3ds again in Rhino i get the same issue (left).

Anything i can do to solve this?

Thanks, Joost

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Hi Joost- Weld the object at say, 10 or 20 degrees to clean up the seam. You might try Mesh on the original object in Rhino, Weld the mesh then export that to 3ds.



AH, thx, that works before export which is great, but now the next issue comes up because of the welding , the texture mapping :-)

Any idea to get this right ?

See image

Hi Joost- in this particular case, applying Cylindrical mapping will tune it up- Object Properties > texture mapping page (Red/White checker cylinder icon)



Hi Pascal, thank you for your patience !

I did that, works fine also, but...

When i apply it after welding, export to 3ds and import again you get the right picture again...

Then i applied welding before export, then already after welding i get the left picture.

I think the welding messes up the texture mapping ?

Btw, i have only 15 saves left...

Hi Joost- can you apply the cylindrical mapping in the target application, rather than Rhino? 



Not really, it's basically used in a model viewer, not editor. I understand Rhino's strong points and focus are not design of visually advanced models and materials. But Rhino is such a beautiful and friendly piece of software it's a very shame i can't get this right...

Isn't this just a bug in texture mapping somewhere ? Applying a texture apparently unwelds vertices.

Any news on this ? There's no way to get this right , i see that after applying cylindrical mapping the number of vertices in the 3ds file increases from 64 to 67 or more with the accompanying bad smoothing. Then if i apply welding, the texturing doesn't look good. 

When applying texturing in 3dsmax all is good, but that's a bit expensive for my taste.



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