Can anyone tell me what export setting I should use to export surfaces into a DWG, i have tried numerous options but i am not getting consistant results. At the moment I have settled on the following settings: Export scheme as '2004 solids' Acad version as Acad 2004, surfaces as 'Solids', Export meshes as 'Meshes'.

In some instances I am not getting a surface when the model is exported, this I notice occurs to surfaces rather than polysurfaces, the unfortunate thing is I dont know how to convert a surface into a polysurface if that is what I must do, nonetheless the way I found my way around this was to make the surface into a solid by offsetting, but this isnt an ideal solution.  

The other problem I am having is when I load an exported DWG from Rhino into Autocad, the drawing can only be opened in recovery mode, this is because of errors in the exported document.


If anyone has had similar experiences and has a solution I would be grateful from you.

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A polysurface is just two or more surfaces Joined together. I can't imagine that would be a problem.

Can you please isolate a surface into a 3DM file (Export) that does not export correctly for you? You may have found a bug or you may be confused about some detail.

As a test, I made a solid extrusion, and open extrusion, a planar surface, a trimmed planar surface, and a planar surface with a singularity and exported them all to DWG using the solid option. They open in AutoCAD 2013 and List reports thy are all "3DSOLID" as expected.

Hi John

Thanks for your response, i think you may be right in as much that there may be a bug affecting the surface, that said i carried another export and found the same problems. In addition i made a new surface which i lofted between the 2 longer outer lines and exported this, but again the file required recovery but didnt show a surface when the drawing eventually opened up. The strange thing is I have other surfaces on the model created in much the same way but these are visable in Autocad and in Tekla BIMsight. the other thing i would like to know is why am i getting a surface mesh showing up in the Tekla BIMsight model, is there a setting to prevent this from showing.

Please see attached 3DM file together with the resultant DWG exported DWG file.



Hi Peter,

we have used the iges file format successfully for many years now to import Rhino surface models (and not only) into AutoCAD for processing by our shipdesign and building program ShipConstructor.

I'll be happy to test exporting your Rhino files to AutoCAD if you like, jst make the Rhino file(s) availble to me.

Note that iges lends itself well becasue it supported spline geometry since the start very many years ago, and Rhino internally uses splines.


Moreover, a "solid" in Rhino is really a closed polysurface, so we are back to surfaces . . .

Thanks  for your response, im am not sure what 'iges file format' is but i would be interested to see if you can export the attached model. when I export it to CAD using the solid export options I loose one of the surfaces.




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