I find my self using sub-object manipulation in very large percent of my workflow, I don't know how I was able to work in the past without it.

For some weird reason, my brain thinks that if I CTRL-SHIFT, select a a sub object and press Enter, I will be able to extract it from the polysurf. 

Can this actually become a workflow or it will interfere with normal behavior? 

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If I understand correctly, it's easier than that.

Try the ExtractSrf command. It's assigned to the Right-mouse-click of the Explode icon. It long pre-dates the Ctrl+Shift sub-object selection. Right-click to start the command pick a surface that is Joined to other surfaces, and Enter.

Think of it as a selected, surface by surface unJoin, instead of a ham-handed Explode.

Try tapping the alt key after you start dragging, it will extract the surface as you described.

That is so cool Eric !

Thank you :)

Atl duplicates an object during drag.  How do you get it to extract a srf?  I'm sorry, I missed something.

Well, holding Alt like Eric suggested it extracts a copy, if your intention is to extract to delete, then just pushing del takes care of it.

If I understand your question, use sub-object selection.

Ctril+Shift to sub-object select a surface, click and hold to drag it out, tap Alt to the the "+". let up on the pick.

Thank you John, I had no idea about Ctrl+Shift.  Wow, I use Extract all the time and that is going to save me some time for sure.




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