I was eager to test the Filletedge tool (radius fillet) on rhino V5. Obviously there has been no improvement to it. 

It would be great to get that issue solved. thnx

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There must be a specific scenario where you were expecting to see changes. Can you post an example?


a simple example. same radius everywhere. filleted one after another, if i select all at once it works.

since my models are lot more complex than that block. there are plenty more examples. i always have to export my rhinos into a different CAD to get that job done. :-(

I totally agree and very often have the same problems.

I was also hoping for an improvement in the latest verion of Rhino3D

I end up having to either spend a lot of time doing them by hand or to just leave them out and ask my engineering resource do them i his system....quite unsatisfactory! 

2nd-ed . Don't want to sound rude but can't tell how much I hate fillets in Rhino . They do the trick only on simple polysurfaces and figuring out what to do to make those "click" or do the rounded edges manually is a pain.

I've just came across such issue and spent last 2 hours on it - time I could have spent doing actual modelling not struggling with the software to do what I want.

Also some more direct influence on geometry (like in SpaceClaim and as far as I can tell in Formz) would be awesome. I know that it would propably require working out some solutions present in solid modelling software (which Rhino is not) but without it I think Rhino will be getting behind competition.

Gumball is definitely a good direction :) .

Well, yeah, you need to do the fillets all the same size all at once to get the corners right, and I'm pretty sure it'll trip up a lot of software if you try to do them as separate "features" with identical radii. You were expecting Rhino 5 to suddenly turn into Solidworks?

of course not - but this feature IMO should work much better than it does atm . Especially considering it has been done better in other packages.

BTW - if you apply fillets to curved/complex surfaces even the same radius does not always help.

It's not meant to be a bash - I love Rhino, but the time I sometimes have to spend on fillets may force me to use other software in the end.

And IMO the issue with fillets goes way beyond the thing they often do not work. They also tend to make booleans tricky.

ANd posts above prove I'm not alone in this matter.

Heck, 2 weeks ago I've been running a Rhino demo in jewelry school. When I warned the participants to use fillets as a final step, not before other things were completed it has turned out one of the folks out there was an experienced Rhino user. Ha laughed and added - "yeah, and make sure you have all saved before filleting".

However, where FilletEdge fails, FilletSrf will always work. I've never had a model I couldn't fillet one way or another. I remember trying to fillet in Solidworks a few years back and a message popped up telling me to try a different size! LOL!! I didn't want a different size I needed that size.

well, today I've came across a model I'm unable to fillet either with filletedge and filletsrf .

I may be simple venting but atm I'm rather pissed . The funniest thing is that the whole thing is totally symetrical. One edge chain fillets all the others do not.....

Typying the values each time is frustrating - hence I've mentioned that ability to grab the edge to make a fillet (like in SpaceClaim) would be awesome.

Hi Przemek- please post here, or send me the geometry and desired fillet radii when ever this comes up, if you can take the time to do so. I, or the developer can either explain what you might do differently, and/or we can get the examples on the bug pile to be fixed. We are very much interested in improving filleting, so examples really are helpful to have. I know there are seemingly obvious cases that do not work- we know abut many of these, but again, don't assume we know- if you can take the time to send in an example, that is always a good thing.




Hi Pascal - sure thing. As previously I'll send you the file. I've rebuilt the surfaces but there's still one tricky area - and luckily I did incremental save this time so I can show the issue clearly :) .

Thx again for your response :) .



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