You can now watch what is happening here in your news reader.


All the activity: news://

New forum posts: news://


To respond, you'll need to click on the Link at the end of the message and it pop you over here.


Have a party!

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I likey!
This is very helpful for me.
These links do not seem to work (even with copy & paste into my newsreader) - are they down or incorrect or what?

In Thunderbird: Tools -> Account Settings -> Account Actions, Add Other account. Select Newsgroup account, enter name and Email. For Server Name use, account name name it whatever you want.


Now right click on the account you just created -> subscribe. You will see two newsgroups in there, expand gwene -> -> follow this down until you find, you should them be able to subscribe to forum and activity.



Now that I try and do this again, I can't seem to expand gwene, not sure what is going on.

Oh, sorry - I'm thinking news reader, not news group! I'm trying to get a feed to google reader, and got it figured out (I think.)  Thanks.
I can't seem to get this to work in LiveMail. It tells me that server can't be found
I added these successfully to my newsreader but only got two posts from the "forum" section.

Ok, it looks like all the posts are showing on "activity".

I don't know what is the "forum" link about.



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