I've been designing a tent structure with a lot of pipes and joints. Is it possible to generate something like a parts list that isolate individual objects and print out dimensions and blueprints?

I'm not looking for fully automatic, but if anyone can inform me about the standard way of doing this, that would be great. Perhaps a nice plugin?


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I have a plugin that will output dimensions and other information, but it won't create blueprints. Sounds like a good idea, though - you should write one.

I guess the way to do it best for now would be to create a bunch of details, and zoom each to a different part. You could use my plugin (peterstools) to show data about each part in a text dot, or - there are other ways to show info about each part. I guess you'd want to put each part on a unique layer & only show one layer per detail (turn off all layers, then use showlayerindetail, I think.)

My plugin has other tools for working with details, too.


I can't believe I'm such a hot-spurred noob... Drafting mode is everything I'm asking for :)



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