Recently I've started playing with rendering options inside Rhino. With Neon it is fun to play with those.

But I'm not sure howto make a glowing object inside it. Is it possible or does it require some extra render engine?

So far I've tried to find a solution by adding some extra lights (point lights etc) but results are not that good.

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The "emission color" setting can make an object look like it's lit-up, but it's not actually going to emit light with the basic Rhino renderer.

Thx James - that's what I've been trying when I looked for a way to get round this thing. I've set emmission color (shame it is not a real emmission) and tried placing different light types near the object. But got to admit the effects are not that good :) .

Anyways I'm still amazed how cool pics you can get with the basic, built-in renderer and Neon :) .

Rhinorender cannot do this. Neon will only do this when Brazil is the current renderer and GI is on.


Thx Andrew - I've just installed Brazil evaluation and I'm trying setting it up. Number of opions is a tad overwhelming :D .

Can you guide me to some sort of tutorial that shows howto make glowing objects in Brazil so they will display in Neon as well?

Does this help?

thx Andrew - I've assumed that emission color will work as in Rhino render , so it won't actually cast light :D . Will see how it will work out - hope I'll be able to set the strength of the glow as well.



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