This forum is moving to Please discuss everything Rhino related there.

On July 4, 2013 this forum ( will become read-only.


McNeel has too many places for people to give feedback and ask for help: There's a separate forum, newsgroup, or NING community for each product, often one in each language we support. It's difficult for us, and for our customers, to keep up.

Fewer and fewer of our customers want (or understand how) to download specialized newsreaders - our newsgroups seem to limit who participates in product development discussions, and NING forums are difficult to follow because they don't track what you've already read.

After July 4: 
More McNeel forums and newsgroups will be migrated to Discourse once we're happy with this transition. We'll also bring up localized Discourse servers - one for each language.

Try Discourse Now:

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Hmm, doesn't look like it's read-only yet...

It should now be read-only. Please let me know if you can still post here.



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