Ok, I'm trying to use full power of Gumball :D . I get a hang of tapping ctrl to make extrusion - with one exception. Is it possible to enter value by clicking on the arrow and make the extrusion? Can't figure out howto do it. Most of the times I either simply move the part or move the gumball :D .

So far I get around it by starting dragging the arrow and entering the value in the command line while holding left mouse button, but that's not always handy.

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Hi Przmek - I've had the same slight frustration. Currently Ctrl must be down when you stop dragging the Gumball in order to produce an extrusion. If Ctrl could be tapped to toggle extrusion state (similar to Alt key behavior) , that might do it.

Ctrl down to start = move the gumball only (Current behavior)

Ctrl tapped and released after dragging has started = toggle extrusion mode 



Great idea with changing gumball behaviour a tad. I really think that it would b better if we could simply click ctrl and some sort of sign would apear (big "E" for example) that would indicate we're in extrude mode (similar to clicking alt to enter copy mode). You're totally right - that would make the workflow smoother.

To move gumball only keeping crl pressed and dragging the gumbal around might work :) .

Also it would be great if we could set size of the signs that show the current gumball mode (for exmaple size of the "+" sign while in copy mode) in the gumball options.

Hope the devs will find time to get into those :D .

Another issue I'm having is the align gumball setting. I assume that while I've set "align to world" the arrown should keep world alignment no matter what I do with the item. But sadly it does not work this way - the gumball rotates with the object. I have to click reset to realign gumball to the world.

I'd totally understand such behaviour in "align to object". Heck, but I have a feeling it is something with my settings as I'm pretty sure I've seen the video when those settings worked as I'd expect :D .

Hi Przemek- The alignment setting is the default when an object is first selected or the gumball is reset, but yes, currently the gumball keeps it's relationship to the object and not the world once it has been manipulated. I've heard at least one other request for a sort of 'persistent reset'. Question is, if that were implemented would it only reset the orientation and not the location of the gumball for an object?

As for extruding, for now your work around seems the best- type in a distance constraint with the left button down and then hold Ctrl before letting up on the mouse. In fact, my original suggestion might make the  behavior slightly more obvious but no more convenient. Needs more thought. Perhaps typing a prefix in the gumball numeric entry could force an extrusion.




yeah, I think that it should reset only orientation. ATM can't think of a situation where additional reset of location would be needed. But just in case maybe an extra checkbox in the gumball options could be added ;) ?



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