I want to make a plug-in with rhino .what i have done is the program developed by c++ and qt-4.7.0 . I want to know that whether i can make my program be a plug-in with rhino. Is rhino supporting qt-4.7.0.  

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Rhino plug-ins are regular MFC DLLs. If QT can run in that environment, the you can use QT.

Other than UI, what does QT buy you in regards to a Rhino plug-in?

I am a student, I am doing reseaching in a school , my boss wants me to make the program be a rhino plug-ins,  Do you mean if my program can run on the MFC, then my program can be a rhino  plug-in? please help me

What I am saying is that a Rhino plug-in, built with the Rhino C++ SDK, is a regular Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) using shared MFC DLL.


I do no know if QT can operate in a regular DLL using shared MFC DLL. Its nothing I've ever tried. All I can suggest is try it and see if it works.

But if you are just using QT for user interface, then maybe you can just use MFC.

Hope this helps.

thanks a lot



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