hi there,

everything to build the rest of the church is in the attached file=)

i am failing in constructing the smaller x barrelvauld or whatever you may call it..

my english seams to end here hahaha


well a picture sais more than a thousand words

maybe there are a thousand other ways of constucting that thing but i did most of it the old way doing 2d construction drawings and then tried to make it all out of simple geometry until i found out its not just a few barrel vaults and a few boolean operations=)

would love if someone could stitch these surfaces together and create a solid out of it somehow=9

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Hi Franza- I am not sure I understand completely what you want to do, but I see that the vault surface is a double surface, joined to itself, so to speak. If you Explode this object and delete one of the copies that are there, maybe that will get you down the right road. The adjacent arches can be joined to the vault if you first MatchSrf, for Position only and 'Match by closest points'.

does that help at all?



ahh havent seen that the inner one was a closed polysurface and for that a "solid" which should not be as its expected to be a surface..

a surface always is a open surface and a closed surface or polysurface is to be considered a solid? am i right?

no i have exploded the one and deleted the unwantet part then i worked with the match surface thing but i dont really know how and why and what this tool does and why i would have to use your suggested options=)

the vault surface was created using the surface by curve network if i remember rifht - is it normal that the result is a closed polysurface?!

next step for me is to make a solid out of the vaulty survface and somehow union this thing to the rest of the church=)

will keep you updated

thanks for the tipps... i didnt see that the one vault was closed polysurface=)...

now im a bit further but and have established just what i want ...

there arae only 2 holes left which i tried to make surface from planar curves but seems the cuves are 1. not planar or 2 not closed - how would i investigate an solve my problem with this?!

Hi Franza- can you post what you have so far, if you have not sorted this out?




hi there, its al in it but ghosted outh - only the problem part is visible as shown in the picture above...

see file attached


Hi Franza- your tolerance in the file is 0.000001 meters - that is allowed but maybe just a little exaggerated for an object of this size and type. I'd work at .001, possibly .0001 - at that tolerance, Cap should work to close up your object.



ok.. so if i drill down tolerance in my file it should work=) will try that - and i thought to myself well cant be a bad idea to work precise...

thanks - guess i made a newby thought when thinking about the tolerance...



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