I guess we don’t have freeze option in layer command. How can I pick an object and hide all objects on that layer?

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Here's a Rhinoscript that will do what you want.  Drag the .rvb file onto an open Rhino document window to test it.  Attach it to a button or create an alias for it if you find it useful.


Yes, it does the job perfectly. Thanks.

Any chance you know a script to match an object property for layer info only. To sort 3d model for rendering, sometimes need match objects layers to assign material by same layers. In Rhino, a message dialogue box up for your choose lots of information other than layer when you run command Matchproperties.

You can either pick the objects to be matched or use a collection of preselected objects.


cool defination..

Using just Rhino commands, no scripts required:

Command: SelLayer

Button: Select, pick an object with a mouse

Command: Hide

If you assign some short aliases to the commands, the procedure takes just a couple of key strokes

I put together and have this, it works in one click:


!_SetLayerToObject _Pause _-OneLayerOn _Enter _SelAll _Hide _-Layer _On * _Enter

Hi Tom- use   _OneLayerOff  - does that do it? Or maybe you want the layer on but objects hidden? Your macro seems fine for that. You need a space after the ! though.



I wish some layers can be frozen not affected by layer on/off command. The Marco and script both do the job; script is better. Best!



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