How do I align an imported object to the World Coordinate System?


Can someone tell me how I align an imported mesh object to the World Coordinate System?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Well, the usual method would be to use the command Move, pick a point on the mesh that you want to end up at the origin, then enter 0,0,0 for the destination point.  But perhaps that is not really want to do, if that is the case, could you give us more info on what you mean by "align"?


Hi Joe- Orient3Pt is what it sounds like might help here.



Ok here is the nature of my problem, I'm not sure how to fix this.  I've created a Corinthian Capital - it's an STL object.  Problem is that neither the top, nor the bottom are level.

I need to make these surfaces perfectly flat but I can't for some reason, it looks like the world coordinate system was off a bit when the thing was scanned, in any event it's a little wonky.

If I create a plane and slide intersect it with the object it's clear that the object and plane are misaligned.

I'm not sure how to fix this?  Any ideas?

I've attached an image, the red arrows indicate faces that are not planar... but should be!

Hope someone can help.



Hi Joe- I guess I would decide which area on the mesh is going to represent your reference plane- in the Front view, I see the jagged hole in the middle, a flattish area outside that and then what looks like a shallow step up and a flat ring-shaped area. Lets pretend that is the base plane for now, and you want to place the object so this planar-ish are is sitting on the World Top plane.

You can, using the Vertex Osnap, pick three points on the mesh in that area as the first three points in Orient3pt and then type in say  W0,0,0, W1,0,0 W0,1,0 as the second set of points.

Or, you can extract some mesh points (or select some control points) in this area and use Plane > ThroughPt to have Rhino calculate a best fit plane for the point selection, then use Cplane > Object to set a cplane to that plane. Then, RemapCPlane from that cusom CPLane to World top.

Feel free to post or send me the file as well, I can poke at it.




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