How do you set CP to the outside edge of a Pipe Solid?

I have been trying to figure this out for about an hour now with no luck.  I have a pipe object.  I want to add a rectangular surface to the outside edge of the pipe as if the pipe was sitting on a table.

Any Help would be appreciated.

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Here is a better version of the file.  In the file I have a pipe object, and a surface object.  I want the pipe to lay on TOP of the surface object.


For the example you provided the simpliest way to align the objects as desired is to move the surface object down 0.875, or move the pipe object up 0.875.

Yes that worked, but I would like to Make it EXACTLY on the surface of the pipe object.  This will do for now though.

Thanks David.

Hi Jim- try this: (Much more work to type or read than to do) Check the Osnaps Project check box. Set the Quad and Near OSnaps. Select the pipe- Start Move, in the Right view and as the 'Point to move from'  and snap to the lower Quad of the circular edge visible in Right. Move the pipe vertically holding down Shift/turn on Ortho to lock movement to the Y axis. You can move it anyplace in this axis- past where you want to go- but don't click. While dragging in Y, tap and release the Tab key- see how that locks the direction? You can now release Shift/turn off Ortho and the direction will still be constrained. Now, use Near to snap to the top edge curve of the flat object. Tab direction lock is a toggle- tap tab again to release the direction lock. In the clip here:

The tab direction lock kicks in when you see the white tracking line appear.

You can of course use the same process to move the flat thing and leave the pipe.


Thanks!  Thats perfect!

In this case, you can also do the following:

In Front view, select just your tube object (not the flat surface object).  Start the Align command.  Click the Bottom option. With something like End Osnap, snap to one of the upper corners of the plane.  The tube object  will now "sit" on the table.

To move the table to the pipe, it's similar: Select the table object in Front view, Align, use Top option this time, then snap to some point on the bottom of the tube object (probably Quad osnap in this case).




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