I am hoping to be able to use the evaluation version of Rhino to export a model into STEP format. The model was created in Lightwave and is therefore made up of polygons exclusively (mostly triangles and quads). The model imports cleanly into Rhino, but when I try to 'Save As' a STEP or IGES file I get an error message about not being able to export polygonal meshes.  Is it possible that polygons aren't defined in STEP format? Or is this a shortcoming of Rhino's export capabilities?  I'm trying to hand this model over to a thermal engineer whose software can import IGES or STEP files.

My main concern here is finding a way to do this. Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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That's right. Meshes aren't exportable as STEP or IGES files. You will have to "Reverse engineer" them into surfaces and solids. Essentially this means remodeling them using the mesh as reference. It's an ugly, nasty job. Here's a link to a White Paper that describes the process.



John Brock

Technical Support




Thanks John.  Was talking to a co-worker this morning who does a lot of SolidWorks modeling. He offered to 'reverse engineer' the model for me. Fortunately, when I showed it to him he said he already had a SolidWorks version of it which will save us a lot of time.



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