I have a shape, like a donut with a flat interior, I would like to be the basis of a scroll, that is, the scroll should go around it and end up where it began, hmmm, like a spiral on it's side wrapped around a donut. Am I clear enough? It's somewhat hard to describe. Anyway, how should I go about it? 

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well, I got it, but through a round about way. I put a helix around the entire object and pulled it back onto multiple surfaces... now to get a bit fancier...

Looks like you may have figured out a way. My process for that is:

1. Take the core line of the doughnut (the primary circle of a torus or basically the circle at the center) and analyze it for length.

2. make a line of that length.

3. make a spiral using the endpoints of that line for its axis. Make sure the number of turns is an integer.

4. use the "_Flow" command, choosing the line as the base curve and the circle for the target curve.

Then you will have a perfect spiral around the doughnut. Make adjustments for the flat surface from there.

why not just use the helix or spiral command with the option 'around curve' ?

Hehe...well that was easy.

Never thought of it, thanks!

Thanks Gabe, that's almost exactly what I ended up doing, but your way is even better than what I used!

I'll post what I came up with just as soon as my customer agrees that would be ok.



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