because compatibility between rhinocommon and other framework.

More development
the MonoMac (forked) As ...
Expected is that does not rely on any other widget toolkit on Mac environments.
(example gtk#, qt, etc... Of course there is it)

be my misunderstanding...
currently The Xamarin is expansion of the mono? (Although commercial. so xamarin can expansion use with forked MonoMac for RhinoMac.)

thus I wonder how by develop & launch  RhinoCommon for mono framework glue, to some extent that range of the target.

I am novice C# programmer. thus are of interest cross platform oriented library as May Xamarin for with RhinoMac.

And perhaps later,
For compatibility with MonoMac,
I wonder whether the load 'mono assembly' on windows Rhino.
If so, it's going to fantastic!


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Sorry, but I don't understand your questions.

We are working on making code written in C# work in Rhino plug-ins for Mac Rhino by embedding the mono runtime on OSX.  On Windows, we will continue to embed the .NET framework (not mono) in order to run .NET assemblies.

ok, hmm (not mono) t,.t;

last weekend, I was installed mono sdk for windows version on my computer (windows 8)... so, Personally under study to opentk library was broken.
This problem ...
.NET can't reference open library module in ironpython...
Custom .DLL made in RhinoCommon(as .NET Compiler)
it Can be loaded directly, but don't register globally again.(Error)

I expected it would cause windows 8's Compatibility was... however I'm not sure ...)

Afterwards, use RhinoMac when will seems to be larger wavelength...
Thus our mcneel dev team :)) the effort! (thanks.)
I don't have a Mac computer, but very lot gotta expected.

I got it your reply.

window is .net
mac is mono


thanks Steve Baer.



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