I'm trying to save files from Rhino 5 as Illustrator files. The files won't open in Illustrator 5. Rhino ver 4 had no problems generating usable ai files, what's up?

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I haven't had this problem with V5. I generate AI files often, with no issues.


I'm assuming you've scaled your output correctly and have made sure its at the origin?

Does illustrator give a corrupt file error, or can it open the file but is just blank?

Hi David- the only problem that I've come across that might have a bearing on this is when the export from Rhino was very very large in extents (AI apparently thinks full scale architectural plans don't fit in its world) and the scaling on export was not enough to make it reasonable for AI.

If you post or send me an example Rhino file and the settings used to export and I can at least take  look.



The file I was exporting wasn't large, about 15in by 35in. I've tried several methods when exporting. I've always moved the file to Rhino's origin as well as exporting from the front view as well as the top. When I open in Illustrator I get a blank page, when I zoom out to max I can see a bounding box with nothing in it.

Exporting from ver 4 works as expected, file comes in the correct size and in the center of Illustrator.

I can't share the file due to an NDA.

Hi David, if you can reproduce this with a portion of the fil,e or with a new file, please send that- thanks.



I think I've solved the problem. It seems to be an export selected issue versus a save. I've been able to export some files with no problems, however, size and origin are important because Illustrator has size limitations, always has. Fortunately, most of the files I export are small enough that Illustrator has no problems opening them. I've always like Rhino because the tools available are more extensive and easier to use than the ones Illustrator has, so I create most of my curves in Rhino and export, it's a nice marriage.



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