did i miss something, or is this now the sdk forum for rhinocommon questions? (looks so empty :/ )

ok - my question: on the old dotnet sdk website there was an example how to implement dockbars created with visual studio. I had now a look at my old code, and cant figure out where to start..

is there maybe some short simple example, or if not, can you point me in a direction where to search?


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Hi Damjan,

There are a number of RhinoCommon samples on our GitHub repository, including one on creating a docking panel:


You can also use the attached C# example.

Let me know if this helps.

 -- Dale


thanks a lot - this is exactly what i searched for

one more thing - i know its actually a c# question, and probably there is no short answer, but i have problems accessing the panel elements from within the command class.

in v4 i used vb, and managed somehow to pass a reference of the panel into the command class - now i switched to c# and have no idea what is the best / easiest (!) way to gain access to this.

a short hint would help me a lot.


ok - i managed to feed data into my command (public static variables in the command class, accessible from the usercontrol), but how to manipulate data in the usercontrol from the command class?

never mind, figured it out..



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