Hi all...

i'm trying to make a script to interactively edit a selected polygon:

1) how to add choiches during the script?

for example during the "Box" functions, in the command line the user can clik:

Diagonal , 3Point , Vertical , Center as options, an then after also other sub-menus...

2) how to insert variable buttons like ctrl, shift, alt?

  or, if thoose buttons are too much "instable", how to use simple buttons like letters?

for example during a function if the user press "A" , the script will change etc...

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Hi Riccardo,

These are the user interface functions available in RhinoScript:


The current SR4 release candidate contains a new GetOption method that allows you to prompt for command line options like the Box command.

 -- Dale

this is gold, thanks!

what about single buton input via a simple letter or shift/ctrl/alt ?

Hi Riccardo,

RhinoScript does not have any function to return the state of special keys, such as Shift, Alt, or Ctrl. Why do you need this?

 -- Dale

the user interface tools you listed here above are good, but a direct input such a single button press is way more faster and enjoiable by the user, using the left hand that usually can't do much...

contextual/popup menus are acessible only via mouse...

btw the script is building up well... the "rhino.popupmenu" is cool enough

can i ask you here how to post the script in .RVB format and where?

it will be a useful script (probably), to edit polylines , surfaces but mostly for hatches...

(P.S. someone have already did something similar to this^? i hope i havent worked for nothing..)

thanks for everything                      :D

Hi Riccardo,

You can configure Rhino shortcut keys to run scripts. Select Tools -> Options ->Keyboard, pick your favorite keyboard shortcut and then specify your macro or script  Is this what you want?

Also, we don't have a formal location where people post scripts they want to share. Some users post their scripts here:


I tend to put my examples here:


or here:


Others posted them on forums, newsgroups, or other sites.

 -- Dale



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