I have a question or wish; I am looking for the way to make modeling more comfortable and smooth. Is there any way If we click on a certain command we get the specific toolbars for that right hand side? 

For example: 

1. If we click on the move command we get the RPN Calculator to get the ability for numeric input without any selection from the horizontal list, just automatically it woul be selected.

2. If we click on the render button we just get the Texture or Library window.



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Hi Onrender- you can make macros for this using the commands that bring the panels to the front- you can see what these commands are by chosing from the Panels menu, and then looking in Command History (F2 key) for the command that the menu launched, for example _CalcRPN _Show


! _-CalcRPN _Show _Move 

or more elaborately:

! _-CalcRPN _Show
_Move _Pause _Pause _Pause
_-CalcRPN _Hide

or for rendering/libraries

! _Libraries _Render

Does that help?





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