If users can start new threads and how that will look on the main page (then perhaps see if I can delete a thread)



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Welcome, Sam! You seem to win the prize as the first outside poster.


~M Becker



I take it that this is going to be in addition to the newsgroup forum. That may be a problem. People will have to check in two places. Or will it replace the other forum?


Mitch is just going to have to work a little harder for the year end tally ;)

Hi Nick- I don't know yet. I am hoping we can at least see newsgroup posts here, if not the reverse.



That will be interesting to see how that works. If the transition only works in a single direction, threads could become fractured very quickly. I'm still of the opinion that as long as the newsgroups exist and there's no "end date" for them, the web forums will remain sparsely populated. That said, I think the web forum should be up and running solidly to everyone's satisfaction before any kill dates are announced.

Yes, I don't think having two separate forums will work at all. It's all or nothing.


It appears that this new forum is dedicated to the V5 WIP. The newsgroup encompassed the whole Rhino experience including V4 and plug-ins, etc. What's the plan here? Will there be separate forums for each different aspect of Rhino?



on man, just the usual suspects here. Where's Rita???

Rita's over on the Newsgroup.


But seriously, the two forums issue is a potential problem. I agree with Nick, it needs to be all or nothing. Also, the information resource on the old newsgroup is incredibly valuable. I hope it will be possible to port it over here, where it will at last be searchable.



I agree the split will be an issue, and there needs to be a full migration at some point in the near future. I'm happy to be part of extensive testing in the meantime. I'm posting now from the mobile version of this site (via iphone) and we'll see if that works. One problem so far is that as I type, the text just flows off the page to the left, the text is not wrapping in the text entry box here... which makes it virtually impossible to proof read my reply in any usable way. 

Certainly there needs to be only one forum, and hopefully everything will be ported over to here.

re the layout - I find it odd that, at the beginning of this thread for example, the reply box is open all the time - it seems to me this should only open when one clicks on the "reply" button - takes up too much room.

Also, the whole thing seem to be formatted for a small screen - ie it doesn't expand automatically to fill the screen widthways, which is not the case in other forums - so there is heaps of white space wasted to the right and left.

Still, like 7 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean - a good start!







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