I am puzzled with the new features for layout and printing:

In the layout page in you double click in the detail view, you cant select your object unless you move it slightly..why?

Selecting do not print for a specific layer in the printing layers does not work... it still prints... why

Thanks for the help

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for looking at the layout feature. Layouts were added in Rhino 4 and improved in Rhino 5. Are you using Rhino 5 full version or the eval?

We have seen an issue in the active details. If you try to select a shaded or rendered surface in the center away from the isocurves or edges, it will not select. If you aim for the edges, or use a windows election, it will select. Once the object is selected once, you can select it anywhere. We are looking into this.

As far the Print width set to "No Print", it seems to supress the printing of 2D and 3D objects on that layer globally or in the detail. So maybe we need to do a TeamView session with you, so we can see why this does not work for you. It could possible be related to your model.

We do have a videos on the Rhino 5 Improvements here. You will find one on 2D and Layout improvements.

Email me directly about arranging a remote session.


Mary Fugier




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