Material and texture mapping on each solid surface


Material and texture mapping on each solid surface is one big wish for me and I think a "must" for Rhino.

The is a "TestEnableSubFaceMaterialAssignment " command but it seems it has basically the same functionality since 2009 "testperfacematerial"

It lacks the ability to maintain surface material after exploding or joining.

I also didn't find any way to create a mesh that maintained this information.

Is these functionality being developed?


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Hi Rui- the workaround is to Mesh the joined object and Explode the resulting mesh, possibly rejoining some of the sub meshes, as needed, and then assign materials to these and render the meshes rather than the solids/surfaces.


pascal-at-mcneel -dot -com

Hello Pascal.

Any updates on this issue?

It's a real pain to have to assign materials after exporting and reassign them each time the geometry is updated. Needless to say the same goes to UV mapping.

This absent functionality really bugs me and just can't understand the big difficulty to implement it.

Any way this issue would be addressed soon?

Thanks again



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