I am running out of memory and getting lock-ups in Rhino … all by simply moving my model view! This occurs either when I pan / zoom / rotate with the keyboard or my Space Pilot Pro. Any viewport navigation will chew up memory rapidly until I hit 15 GB and Rhino freezes. 


I made a video to demo : http://www.screencast.com/t/sFTnyqPfOLA


SPECS : The computer is a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit running Rhino 5. I have the latest updates for windows, rhino, space pilot, and my video card.


I also tested the same file on Rhino 5 running on three other computers (Win 7-64 & Win 8-64) but the problem does not happen. Only on my one primary 3D workstation. I even tried to ‘import’ the geometry into a clean new Rhino file. I still get the memory problems even when I am wireframe mode / top view / mouse zoom.


Any and all suggestions welcome!


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After running Rhino in safe-mode, the problem went away. De-activating the plug-ins one by one, it now looks like the problem is a conflict with V-Ray and/or the Rhino build. I have sent ChaosGroup a bug report.



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