Thanks for for accepting me in the community)))
after updating to v. 5 I started to get this bug: While exporting to stl it doesn't allow me to change tolerance or any other parameters of detailed controls and meshes only defolt wery coarse mesh.

I tried to reinstall all the softwear, the installation process ren without any mistakes, but I'm still having the problem.

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Just a couple of questions to help diagnose the problem:

Are you able to access the detailed controls at all?  If so, can you send a screenshot of the dialog?

If you can access the detailed controls, do changing any of the settings in there have any effect?

Also - can you mesh the object in Rhino with the Mesh command and access the detailed controls?



I can access the detailed controls and by the command mesh as well. When I set "more polygons" in the simple mesh control it works and does more polygons. In the detailed controls it allowes me to type different numbers, but it drops the new settings before the meshing. 


Hi Nadia- does the Mesh command also not allow settings changes? Do you have Matrix installed by any chance? and, is this 32 bit or 64? I am guessing 32...




Hi Pascal,

Yes, it drops the new settings. I actually got my Matrix 7,5 with Rhino 5. Matrix is 32-bit program, and I have 64-bit Windows 7. Some of matrix commamds are acting weird too, and I wrote the note to matrix support as well. Sorry, if it's the only matrix problem and I'm bothering you with their problem, but I really want to use my new pack of programs)))    

Hi Nadia- there is a problem we are tracking, and we are not sure where it lies, with Rhino or Matrix, where decimal points are being replaced by commas in some languages- are you running Windows in Russian?




Yes, I'm running it in Russian. But I changed the format in "language and regional settings" to english, so it says that it's using decimal points. 

@Pascal: any updates on the issue? I've reported the same problem a while back (but in PL version of Win7).

Is there a way to downgrade Rhino to version prior to recent patch? Or any suggestion how we can get around this. I'm getting closer to the point when I'll be preparing next batch of our models to 3d print and setting those meshing options is a must (atm I'm considering saving in Rhino 4 format and setting those there).

Hi Przemek- nothing concrete that I know of has been done to actually fix this- I beleive the developers are still scratching their heads. Can you remind me please, are you also using Matrix?




No, just Rhino . As for plugins - Tsplines, Neon, Auxpecker.

Thx for your help Pascal. Atm I'm considering making new, clean Rhino install and not updating to latest version . As I rely heavily on 3d printing meshing is critical to my workflow (also it allows me to communicate with other apps that are being used in the workshop).

Got a while to investigate it further - it seems that on my system the issue only affects extrusions . As soon as I convert them to polysurface detailed controls start to work.

Will need to check it on the computer in the workshop.

Hi Przemek,

what I did - I saved prepared for meshing file in rhino 4 models type (I work in matrix, so I need to open the file in rhino 5 to do that). Than I opened rhino 4 and did the meshing (if you didn't uninstall rhino4 by your self it's still on your computer). It's great pain on a neck, so I reinstalled previous version of matrix and work in it while waiting for english wersion of windows(   



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