maybe this is a clarification for me or even possibly a good suggestion to pass on to the R5.0 team.

In layouts, the Layout On/Off control works for drawings done on the layout. If there were an option for this to control the detail/model content (maybe some sort of toggle to change between layout and model control?), it would be a fantastic tool!

Usually I work with 3D and 2D within the same model and have to hide the 3D content each time I plot 2D drawings. Although this is a relatively easy thing to do, it would be better to have a set and forget option. Also, some of my 2D content needs to be visible for some layouts and invisible for others.

Ideally, this is what I'd love to be able to do: (so I don't have to have multiple models or adjust the layers visibility setting before each print)

1 Have  layer On/Off control for the model content particular to each layout- (currently only for layout content)

2 Have to option to over-ride the line width and linetype type of model information - particular to each layout

It'd be interesting to hear anyones thoughts on this.

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I want to second this. Making assembly drawings is a pain without layer control.

Hi Jonathan,

When working in a layout or a detail, the layer window will show additional columns that allow you control per-model layer properties or per layer/detail layer properties. You might need to stretch or undock the layer windows to see all of the columns.

Also, by clicking on the "View" button in the layer windows (next to the filter button), you can control which layer columns are visible.

Does this help?

 -- Dale

I would prefer if each Detail had a specific layer state connected to it. So that that specific detail would always show the same layers (unless you change the layer state obviously), no matter what the state of models layers are. When making a drawing, you more or less always have a specific look in minds.

Thanks Dale!

Yes, this is helpful. When I posted this comment back in May 2012, I'd been using BIM software particularly tuned to architectural documentation. Since then, I've learnt to 'drive' rhino 5.0 differently to achieve what I want.

Now I keep all the 3D content in a seperate file and use 'work session manager'to link.

My issue now is to have the option to Not Print the 3D worksession manager files - (while still allowing the 2D worksession manager files to print). I think this still comes down to independant layer on-off controls per layout. If there were print controls in the worksession manager dialogue box - it would also have to link with the layout visibility settings - possibly a convoluted way to solve the problem.

Hi Jonathan-

"1 Have  layer On/Off control for the model content particular to each layout- (currently only for layout content)"

Yeah, currently, this is controlled per detail in a layout or for the layout itself if no detail is active. So, if I understand you, you'd like to control visibility of objects seen through the details in a layout page for all of the details at once, not need to set this per detail, correct?

"2 Have to option to over-ride the line width and linetype type of model information - particular to each layout"

As above but for line stuff, not visibility...?




Hi Pascal,

Thks so much for your reply.

1. - correct - I usually work with 1 detail per layout & am happy working with the same settings for multiple details.

Please refer to Reply to Dale Fugier above for further comment about this.

2. This would be great. I find it really frustrating that the layouts in R5.0 don't correctly show the linetype scale?!?! Possibly I'm missing something here, so please point me in the right direction if I am.

At the moment, when i change the 'setlinetype' value, I see changes in the model view but these don't update in the layout view. My prints and print previews show the changes but not the layout preview.

Currently, the only way to change how linetypes are scaled is in the 'print setup' dialogue box. Options - 'match pattern definition'or 'match viewport display'. Shouldn't these options be in the layout properties dialogue box? The layout is essentially the print preview right? There are also options for linetype scaling too. I think only allowing these changes to be viewed through the small print preview window doesn't do these functions justice. They should update (and remain in that state) on the layout view too.


Try the command, "PrintDisplay". I think that should do want you're needing. Also, a developer, Willem Derks made this PlotStyle script that works brilliant for quickly changing lineweight for different sized prints (A4 versus A1, etc...).





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