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I have some problems to change a curve. I habe a curve in Rhino, but because of a messurement of the place of construcion i have to change the curve a little bit. Now I changed at the start of the curve with the points. In the middle of the curve, the i created a point on the curve an moved this point, but now the curve doosn`t looks good. 

I hope somebody could explane my how to change the curve. The points i need are markered with text-points. The white curve is the original-curve and the green one should by modified. 

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Hi Christopher- can you post the unmodified starting curve?


Good morning Pascal, 

the white curve in my file is the unmodified starting curve. It´s a object from a dwg-file.

Hi Christopher- try:

SimplifyCrv, Explode...

1. Start with the short segment on the right, Extend, with no boundary, this curve by Arc, ToPoint. The target point is the -2mm point.

2. Repat (the Extend command keeps running) from the arc just added to the OK point and again to the +1.75 point.

This keeps everything as tangent arcs as seems to be what the original is.





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