Even when my toolbars are locked, rhino moves them around upon reopening rhino(something that happens frequently because it crashes so frequently). Is this a bug that can't be resolved? I'm running the latest rhino 5, and I would have hoped it was resolved by now.

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Hi Joseph- I see two problems to sort out- one is the toolbars not doing what you want, and the other is Rhino crashing frequently. Starting with the crashing-

- When the crashes occur, does the McNeel crash report interface show itself, and if so, do you send in the crash reports? Please do so, if at all possible, with as much detail as you can recall in the comments section.

- are you running any non-default plug-ins? Which? 

- is there a pattern to the crashing? Is it repeatable with some known steps? (and if so, what are they?)

As for the toolbars... if I understand you, when you restart Rhino, toolbars are not where you left them- sometimes- is this only after a crash, or does it happen any time, after a clean save and close? Keep in mind that if you have more than one Rhino open, the one that closes last will set the toolbar file, toolbar positions and Options.



Hi Pascal,

The crashes are usually grasshopper related, running really heavy definitions. Error reporting doesn't come up. 

Toolbars will reset more often following a crash. And yes, I do have more than one rhino running at the same time.  Are you saying If I close the other one, and it crashes again, it will restore to its own previous layout? Thanks for the response. 



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