Hi, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I could find nothing on this subject.

Here's the issue. I have a large number of points using Paneling Tools, each one is named according to their coordinates. G(12)(500), for example. I'm trying to select a lot of specific points, preferably all at once. I can use the Select Object by name command to choose one point at a time but it's very slow. Is it possible to use this tool to select multiple points at once? If so, how?

Otherwise, I have a txt document listing all the points I want to select. I've tried copying from the list and pasting into the Select Object by name line, but it doesn't seem to want to accept pasted text, meaning that to use this tool I have to type each entry individually.

I'm still learning Rhino, and suspect there must be an easier way to do this. Like, is there a way to select all the points, and have a list of their names, and be able to deselect those I don't want from that list, or something?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi, how is the text file list formatted?   One name on each line?  I should be able to hack together a script that will select all the named objects in the text file.


Right now the text is formatted to try and conform with the paneling tools naming convention, so G(x)(y) for each of the points, all on one line. But I could easily change the text file format to whatever is easiest! That would be way simpler than selecting points by hand, anyway.

I'd appreciate a script, but haven't used one before, so maybe you could tell me how they work?

And I guess this means there's no way to do this using the standard Rhino tools?


You can use a native Rhino tool if you can modify the text file to the following:

On each line, add _-SelName in front of the G(x)(y), and leave a space between

So the lines will look like this:

_-SelName G(x1)(y1)

_-SelName G(x2)(y2)

_-SelName G(x3)(y3)


Then use the Rhino command _ReadCommandFile and read in your text file.

It's pretty easy to add the SelNames if you have access to Excel.

Otherwise, attached is a script which should work...  To use, put the script somewhere where it can "live" permanently (it needs to stay there if you want to use it again), then from there, drag and drop it into a running Rhino instance.  That will add an alias SelectPointsFromTextFile, typing that at the command line will run the script.  With the script you do not need to add the "SelName"s to the file.



Thanks so much! I'll try this now.

Hello Myron,

the Orca3D plug-in offers an alternate model tree which reports all the objects' names, by layer (it uses the Rhino layer structure).  In the Orca3D tree you can select several objects at once by clicking on the obejct's name.


The ability to create selection sets according to user-defined selection criteria has been on the books for some time, we are waiting for a user critical mass to be reached in order to step up the priority.  It sounds like this could be an interesting feature for you to have.  Definitely make yourself known if you decide to start using Orca3D.





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