Is there a way to tween red curves between blue ones.

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Hi Georgi- I am not sure I understand what the desired result is, but I think the answer is no- can you post a file with the curves and some indication of what you'd like to see as the outcome?



Maybe i cant explain right but i want the twin lines to be between the blue lines like between two rails like this not like this Hope to understand me. Thanks in advice.

Hi Georgi- Loft (or Sweep2) between the blue curves and ExtractIsocurve to get the curves you are looking for. Depending on the curves, it might be useful to choose Rebuild in the Loft dialog.



I am trying to make part of hood of a car and i think if i tween the curves in previous post (to make something like sections) the surface will be accurate but maybe the method i use is not the right. Here the file. Thanks for the previous post.




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